Family owned and operated, providing substantial services through out Massachusetts and some parts of Rhode Island. Our goal is to repair your pellet, wood or gas stove on site and the same day. We achieve this goal by stocking parts for various brands such as Harman, St. Croix, Englander, and many other stove brands. If your stove is not common and we do not have the part you may need, most parts only take 3-5 days to arrive. Service is provided 7 days a week through the burn season (September - March).  Maintenance is strongly recommended to do through the months of (April -August) for it can get very busy with repairs during the burn season. We provide warranty service for American Energy Savers only. You may schedule your warranty service through either The Ash Buster or Rene at American Energy Savers.
Pellet Stove cleaning: $140.00 (Includes stove, pipe and/or liner cleaned, and complete disassembly of back of unit to access blowers and other engine components).
Gas Service: $105.00 (Includes disassembly of fireplace or freestanding gas unit exposing burner and gas orifice. Also replacing all embers and rock wool as well as cleaning glass. Units with remotes receive new batteries for remote and remote receiver).
Standard Hourly Service: $95.00 (Hourly service charge excluding parts)
Keep in mind, we will not charge and additional charge (unless job exceeds one hour and a half)  to install a part while performing a pellet stove cleaning. This is a great time to take advantage of having a igniter or feed motor replaced avoiding and additional service charge.
"Who You Gonna Call"
"Who You Gonna Call"